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Gohil's Pharmacy
Alert - Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Only 4 people allowed in the pharmacy at the same time to protect our community and our staff. Happy for people to wait outside safely but please make sure you stay safe and ensure that the recommended distance between others is maintained.

For more information regarding the corona virus, please check the NHS 111 website 
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Update - Gohil's Prescription Service

Simply order your prescription from your surgery, then a member of Gohil's Pharmacy will either collect your prescription from your surgery or will download your prescription from the pharmacy computer using the Electronic Prescription Service AND dispense your medication.

You can continue to collect your medication from Gohil's Pharmacy.        More here >>

Welcome to Gohil's Pharmacy

Gohil’s Pharmacy is located in Clover House, Boston Road, Sleaford. Gohil’s Pharmacy prides itself on offering outstanding service always to our customers.

Gohil’s Pharmacy was established in 1976 and is an independent, family run pharmacy which is supported by friendly experienced staff.  Free on site parking is available to our customers.

Gohil's Pharmacy are now offering the NHS Flu Vaccination Service
Gohil's Pharmacy offers a confidential emergency contraceptive service
Gohil's Pharmacy offers a confidential emergency contraceptive service, which allows you to obtain the ‘morning after pill’ without seeking a Doctors consultation.
Taking prescribed medicines in the right way is important to your health and recovery. A New Medicine Review provides you with the best possible advice and how to get the most from your new medicine.
Gohil's Pharmacy offer a Holiday Health care service.
If you're planning a holiday and are unsure of the vaccinations you require or need some advice on travelling with Medicines Gohil's Pharmacy offer a Holiday Health care service.
Incontinence products available from Gohil's Pharmacy
If you suffer from, or feel you may suffer from, incontinence - you are not alone.
View more services available at Gohil's Pharmacy
Free Home Delivery
Gohil's Pharmacy provides free home delivery of prescriptions to customers in the Sleaford area.

Please enquire within.
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